By default, HaQuery's build command read FlashDevelop *.hxproj file in the current directory for building options, so in regular case you just need to run

haxelib run HaQuery build

If you don't use FlashDevelop - just specify options for build command:

haxelib run HaQuery build -lib mylib -cp src 

All build options:

--output             Output folder (by default is 'bin').
-cp                  Specify class path.
-lib                 Specify haxe library.
-D                   Specify compiler define.
-ho, --haxe-option   Specify haxe compiler option.
--base-page          Default base page. For example: 'pages.layout'.
                     Default is 'haquery.(client/server).BasePage'.
--static-url-prefix  Prefix for URLs started with '~',
                     links to system the system files
                     and registered js/css files.
                     Affected to HTML and CSS output only,
                     not to physical folders structure.
--html-substitute    Regular expression to find and replace in html templates.
--only-pages-package Pages package to compile.
                     If not specified then all pages will be compiled.
--ignore-pages       Path to the page files to ignore.
--port               Use haxe compiler server on specified port.
                     Run server if it not running.
-p, --platform       Target server platform ('php' or 'neko'). Default is 'neko'.
<project>            FlashDevelop project file to read.

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