File uploading

If you need to allows user file uploads, use fileupload component.

template.html file:

<haq:fileupload id="fu">
    Click here to start file selecting.

Client.hx file:

class Client extends BaseClient
    function fu_select(t, e)
        // here you can test e.fileName
        // and return false to cancel uploading
        // if that file not expected
    function fu_uploading(t, e)
        // here upload in process
        // so you can show progress indicator
    function fu_complete(t, e)
        for (upload in e.uploads)
            // now you have upload.fileID
            // you can use that ID on the server to get file data:
            // var f = haquery.server.Lib.uploads.get(fileID)
            // f.path - path to loaded file
            // - original name of the file
            // f.size - size of the file

You can use config.maxPostSize to limit file size (in bytes). Default is 16M.

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