HaQuery 6.1

Changes [2013-10-03]

+ haxe 3 support (use haxe version >= 3.0.1)
* config.xml minor format changes
* support of the nested factory components
* many inner simplifications due new haxe macro system
- avoid dependence from the database-related code (use "orm" haxe library or standard SPOD)
- remove support of the boostrap code files (use super page(s) with preInit() method to initialize your global variables)
- remove experimental daemon mode 

HaQuery 5.0

Changes [2013-01-29]

* fully avoid statics (Lib.* => page.* for db, cookie, session..)
* fully avoid run .NET code on compilation stage (used neko instead)
* ORM system refactoring (use page.db.orm instead static managers)
* models and managers package structure changes
+ publishing (copying files from src to bin) now configurable
+ autodetect base classes for pages and components
* bootstraps processing changes
* config.xml format changes
* std components renames
- remove UI-related std components (button, alternative, context, ckeditor,...)
  (if need, you may copy them to your project from old HaQuery version)
- avoid FireBug/FirePHP dependency (now used browser console)
* new hxWiki-based HaQuery site
+ experimental daemon mode for neko server (websocket-based client-server)

HaQuery 4.0

Changes [2012-07-20]

+ Neko support (as target server platform)
+ Creating components on the client (see dynamicfactory component)
+ Smart exceptions processing (see haquery.Exception class)
+ Correct php-like params and uploaded files processing for neko
  (see haquery.server.Lib.params and haquery.server.Lib.uploadedFiles)
* Event class now have a type param (see haquery.common.HaqEvent class)
* Database access now via none-static haquery.server.Lib.db object
  (do not direct use HaqDb anymore)
* Bootstrap classes now may have start() and finish() methods
  (please, move your code from init() to constructor)
* Most haquery.server.Lib.config options now may be in the main config.xml file
* Many minor bugfixes and improvements
* haXe 2.10 support
- Less compiler support (not exist for neko or pure haXe)

HaQuery 3.0

Changes [2012-03-19]

+ Major infrastructure changes (avoid executing php on the build step)
+ Major component searching changes 
  (support component extending and importing via config.xml files)
+ Major avoiding haXe std library patching
+ Major client-server interaction (HaqComponent.callSharedMethod())

HaQuery 2.6

Changes [2012-01-12]

+ TRM generator (TRM = template-relative mapping = 
  = strict and confortable access to html objects)
+ haquery.client.urlVars
+ haquery.server.Lib.mail()
+ haquery.server.Web
* ckeditor component improvements (+ upgrade to 3.6.2)
+ ckeditor component using example
* context component improvements
* config.addComponentsFolder() -> config.componentsPackage
* haxe.web.Cookie -> haquery.Cookie
* many minor fixes and improvements

HaQuery 2.5

Changes [2011-11-12]

+ haxe.web.Cookie (support js and php platforms)
+ literal component
+ helper component
+ radioboxes component
* tabs component css unification
* FlashDevelop template bugfix
* ckeditor component impovements
* context component improvements
* list component length property added
* haquery.StringTools.trim() bugfix
* list example bugfix
* minor fixes
- codemirror component

HaQuery 2.4

Changes [2011-10-23]

* haquery.server.HaQuery class renamed to haquery.server.Lib
* haquery.client.HaQuery class renamed to haquery.client.Lib
+ haquery.server.Lib.getParamsString()
+ alternative component
* tabs component "activeTab" property renamed to "active"
* jquery upgrade to 1.6.4
+ contextpanel.detach()
* components "params" argument type changed from Dynamic to Hash<String>
+ haquery.base.HaqTools.bool() fix
+ checkbox component
* redirect on ajax bugfix
* new container logic (parentNode instead innerHTML)
* HaqCommon renamed to HaqDefines
* isPostback moved to Lib
+ php.NativeArrayTools.count()
* uploader file extension case sensivitive bugfix
* contextpanel component major impovements
* HaqXml error instead exception bugfix
* examples packed to zip
* DELIMITER moved from HaqInner to HaqCommon
- consts component

HaQuery 2.3

Changes [2011-10-08]

+ Less CSS compiler support (<style type="text/less">...</style>)
+ shadow UI component
+ waiter UI component
* component attributes to vars loading type impovements
* tabs component IE bugfix
* several minor bugfixes

HaQuery 2.2

Changes [2011-10-02]

+ profiler (to use define PROFILER in haXe compiler settings)
+ haquery.exe rewritten on .NET
  (for save file last modification time in the bin folder)
+ tabs component
+ button component click emulation
+ php.Serializable (moved from HaxeMod)
* haquery installation: haxe.exe modification now is not necessary
* codemirror component CSS fixes
* remove unnecessary publics
* bootstrap load sequence bugfix
* empty string in config.layout now not a error (equivalent to null)
* empty HTML <head> tag bugfix
* page class name detection on the client bugfix
* container component call event handlers bugfix
* uploader component bugfix
* getting dynamic DOM node value on postback bugfix
* contextpanel impovements (dataID)
* ORM "position" field bugfix
* container event handler bugfix
* ajaxAnswer => ajaxResponse
- examples Imports.hx files removed
- examples prefferedSDK removed (will be used default SDK)

HaQuery 2.1

Changes [2011-09-25]

* components: urlmenu bugfixes
* components: uploader loaded file name browser unification
* server: private Imagick constants
* client: no browser console bugfix
* templating: two sequenced components bugfix
* ORM: models and managers now in separate packages
* ORM: autogenerated methods names refactoring
* ORM: indexes with several fields bugfix

HaQuery 2.0

Changes [2011-09-20]

* Major changes in support tools system: ant does not need anymore
* List.bind()
* HaqPage.pageID bugfix
+ "UrlMenu" component
+ "ContextPanel" component
+ "Uploader" component (file upload via ajax)
+ "FileUpload" example
* Minor improvements and bugfixes

HaQuery 1.1

Changes [2011-09-04]

+ Components inheritance support (see button in the "calculator" example) 
+ ImageMagick library support (see php.imagemagick package) 
+ UUID generation (see HaqTools.uuid() method) 
+ "Link" component, based on button 
* Improved calling client method (see HaqComponent.callClientMethod() method) 
* Some components refactoring 
* ORM generator bugfixes 
* Project ant build file simplification

HaQuery 1.0

Changes [2011-08-30]

+ "List" component + Lists example 
* First argument of event handler is a parent component 
  of event target element/component 
* HaqQuery instead JQuery on the client (client/server unification) 
* Minor bugfixes

HaQuery 0.9

Changes [2011-08-23]

+ Pages
+ Components
+ Templates

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