Without FlashDevelop

If your system is *nix or you just don't like FlashDevelop, then you need:

  • place next project setting file into your project folder; name of the file is not important, but extension must be hxproj:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <project version="2">
        <movie platform="Neko" /> <!-- platform="PHP" for php server -->
        <movie path="bin\index.n" /> <!-- path="bin" for php server -->
        <class path="gen" />
        <class path="src" />
        <option directives="" /> <!-- your defines if need -->
        <option additional="--macro haquery.macro.HaqBuild.startup()" />
        <library name="HtmlParser" />
        <library name="WebSocket" />
        <library name="HaQuery" />
  • to compile your project run from your project folder:
    haxelib run HaQuery build
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